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Dahon North America Inc.

DahonDAHON NORTH AMERICA INC. (a company based in the U.S.A.) against the Greek company MOLHO GROUP

DAHON NORTH AMERICA INC., which was founded in 1982, is the world's largest manufacturer of folding bicycles and has achieved various industry awards and honors over the years, including the prestigious Eurobike award, given at the world's largest bike show. The company is a member of the Global Alliance for EcoMobility and it holds over 200 patents, some having become industry standards.

MOLHO GROUP, a Greek bicycle trading company, filed the trademark application “ECOSMO ECOSM ON THE MOVE A DAHON DIVISION” & device for bicycles, violating the exclusive rights of DAHON to its famous “DAHON” and “ECOSMO” trademarks, registered worldwide. In addition to that, MOLHO GROUP circulated bicycles bearing these trademarks, in an attempt to take advantage of the popularity of DAHON bicycles among Greek consumers.

DAHON, in order to stop this obvious trademark infringement, opposed MOLHO’s trademark application before the Greek Administrative Trademark Committee and achieved a favorable decision (No. 5802/2012), which entirely rejected the contested application. The decision in question is irrevocable.

Furthermore, DAHON filed a Normal Action before the Court of 1st Instance of Thessaloniki against MOLHO GROUP and won the case through decision 24149/2013, whereby the defendant was ordered, inter alia, to refrain from producing and distributing onto the Greek market bicycles bearing the word elements DAHON, ECOSMO and ECOSM ON THE MOVE, as well as the figurative element Dahon , which is also protected as trademark by DAHON and to withdraw all imitating products within 20 days from the official notification of the Court decision.