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Unfair Competition

In general, any action opposed to the morals of industry and commerce practice is considered as an action of unfair competition. According to Greek Law, actions of unfair competition are the following:

  • Actions that, in any way, may cause confusion to the consumers regarding the enterprise, the products or the business activity of a competitor, such as the use of an identical or similar trademark, package, company name or distinctive feature.
  • Announcement of false allegations that defame a competitive enterprise, its products or its business activity.
  • The use of deceptive indications or allegations by the producer that may confuse the consumers regarding the nature, the means of manufacture, the features, the quantity etc. of its products or the way these are used.

Legal steps in Unfair Competition are usually taken supplementarily in cases that there is not any protection by specific regulations, for example when a registered trademark does not exist or when a company name is infringed.

Kiortsis & Associates Law Offices has been successful in representation of famous firms in numerous cases of unfair competition.