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An invention is a product or a process that provides a new way of doing something, or offers a new technical solution to a problem. It requires specialized knowledge and skilfulness of the inventor. However, it can easily and quickly be imitated or reproduced when unprotected, causing damage to the legal owners.

A Patent is a title of protection granted to the inventor or beneficiary of any invention which is

  • New - that means that, prior to the date of filing of an application for protection, the invention was not already known to the public in any form (written, oral or through use). Consequently, it is advisable for the inventor to file the application first and make the new idea public afterwards,
  • Involves an inventive step - that means that in the light of what is already known to the public, the new idea is not obvious to a person with average knowledge of the technical field, and
  • Susceptible to industrial application - that means that it can be made or used in any kind of "industry", including agriculture, as distinct from purely intellectual or aesthetic activity.

The owner of a Patent is granted the exclusive right to make full use of it and, without the Patent owner's consent, the invention cannot be commercially made, used, distributed or sold.

The Industrial Property Organisation ( is the only official body for filing a Patent application in Greece. A Patent is protected from the date of its application and its duration in Greece is 20 years, provided that the proper annuities are paid in time (from the 3rd year of the application date).

We undertake all cases relating to the protection of any kind of Patent, namely National Patents, European Patents and Patents that have been granted after the filing of an "International" Patent application, such us the following:

  • Processing of National/European/International Patent applications (PCT) in Greece or abroad in countries all over the world
  • Watching Patents and payment of annuities
  • Litigating in Courts and protecting Patents against infringements
  • Conducting searches on issued Patents
  • Recording assignments, changes of name or seat of the owner etc.
  • Translating technical or other documents

We have the possibility of secure electronic communication with the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, where European Patent applications are filed. That is, we are registered with the epoline ( - provided by the European Patent Office - by use of which we proceed with the filing of Patent applications and payment of renewal annuities directly to the EPO via Internet. Furthermore, we use the above service and also the relevant service of espacenet ( - provided by the European Patent Office as well - for conducting searches and for obtaining information relating to the existing Patents via Internet. Relevant electronic Patent applications in Greece are possible since 2015.

For technical matters we secure the cooperation of prominent technical authorities. We translate documents in any field, such as physics and chemistry, electrical and mechanical engineering, biology etc.



National Patent applications are filed with the country where the applicant wishes his invention to be protected. With reference to Greece, this application is filed with the Organization of Industrial Property (



European Patent (EP) applications are filed with the European Patent Office ( in Munich, The Hague or Berlin. By filing the applicant a single EP application in one of the three official languages (English, French and German) it is possible to obtain invention protection in 44 countries. The procedure of the protection is completed with the filing of the relevant translation of the invention text in each designated country.

The European Patent application has, from the date of filing the application with the European Patent Office, the effect in the designated countries of a regular National filing.

The countries where a EP can be protected are the following:

the 38 Countries that have signed the European Patent Convention ("EPC"), namely

AL Albania IT Italy
AT Austria LI Liechtenstein
BE Belgium LT Lithuania
BG Bulgaria LU Luxembourg
CH Switzerland LV Latvia
CY Cyprus MC Monaco
CZ Czech Republic MK Republic of North Macedonia
DE Germany MT Malta
DK Denmark NL Netherlands
EE Estonia NO Norway
ES Spain PL Poland
FI Finland PT Portugal
FR France RO Romania
GB United Kingdom RS Serbia
GR Hellenic Republic SE Sweden
HR Croatia SI Slovenia
HU Hungary SK Slovakia
IE Ireland SM San Marino
IS Iceland TR Turkey

and the countries of: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro (extension states) and Morocco, Republic of Moldova, Cambodia, Tunisia (validation states).

(status in February 2021)



The filing of the International Patent application aims at the simultaneous (through a single application) seeking of an invention protection in each of a large number of countries all over the world under the Patent Co-operation Treaty (the "PCT"). The International Patent application has, from the date of application, the effect of a National Patent application in those PCT Contracting States which the applicant designates. It has the effect of a European Patent application in those among the PCT Contracting States which are also party to the European Patent Convention, provided that they are designated for a European Patent.

The applicant needs to file a single International Patent application with the International Bureau in Geneva ( Alternatively, he can file it with his national Patent Office which will act as a PCT "Receiving Office" or, if he is a national or resident of a country party to the European Patent Convention, with the European Patent Office ( in Munich, if permitted by his national law.



status in February 2021

Albania Algeria
Angola Antigua and Barbuda
Armenia Australia
Austria Azerbaijan
Bahrain Barbados
Belarus Belgium
Belize Benin
Bosnia and Herzegovina Botswana
Brazil Brunei Darussalam
Bulgaria Burkina Faso
Cambodia Cameroon
Canada Central African Republic
Chad Chile
China Colombia
Comoros Congo
Costa Rica Cote d'Ivoire
Croatia Cuba
Cyprus Czech Republic
Democratic People's Republic of Korea Denmark
Djibouti Dominica
Dominican Republic Ecuador
Egypt El Salvador
Equatorial Guinea Estonia
Eswatini Finland
France Gabon
Gambia Georgia
Germany Ghana
Greece Grenada
Guatemala Guinea
Guinea-Bissau Honduras
Hungary Iceland
India Indonesia
Iran Ireland
Israel Italy
Japan Jordan
Kazakhstan Kenya
Kuwait Kyrgystan
Lao People's Democratic Republic Latvia
Lesotho Liberia
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Liechtenstein
Lithuania Luxembourg
Madagascar Malawi
Malaysia Mali
Malta Mauritania
Mexico Monaco
Mongolia Montenegro
Morocco Mozambique
Namibia Netherlands
New Zealand Nicaragua
Niger Nigeria
Norway Oman
Panama Papua New Guinea
Peru Philippines
Poland Portugal
Qatar Republic of Korea
Republic of Moldova Republic of North Macedonia
Romania Russian Federation
Rwanda Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia Saint Vincent and Grenadines
Samoa San Marino
Sao Tome & Principe Saudi Arabia
Senegal Serbia
Seychelles Sierra Leone
Singapore Slovakia
Slovenia South Africa
Spain Sri Lanka
Sudan Sweden
Switzerland Syrian Arab Republic
Tajikistan Thailand
Togo Trinidad and Tobago
Tunisia Turkey
Turkmenistan Uganda
Ukraine United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United Republic of Tanzania
United States Of America Uzbekistan
Vietnam Zambia

Total: 153 countries/regions