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Utility Models

Utility Model Certificates can be granted for new and industrially applicable three-dimensional objects with definite shape and form, capable of giving a solution to a technical problem.

  • "New" means that, prior to the date of filing of an application for protection, the Utility Model was not already known to the public in any form (written, oral or through use). Consequently, it is advisable for the author to file the application first and make the new idea public afterwards.
  • "Industrially applicable" means that the Utility Model can be made or used in any kind of "industry", including agriculture, as distinct from purely intellectual or aesthetic activity.

The rights conferred upon the owner of a Utility Model Certificate are acquired as from the date of the application for protection in the competent Office.

With reference to Greece, Utility Model Certificates are granted by the Organization of Industrial Property ( Their duration is 7 years and they are maintained in force only when annuities are paid from the 3rd year of the application date.